Knee Pain & Knee Injury

Conditions Treated: ACL / Cruciate Reconstruction, Ligament Repair and Reconstruction, Cartilage Injury, Meniscus Tear, Patellar Stabilisation, Limb Alignment Surgery (Osteotomy), and Knee Replacement.


As a highly specialised Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeon, Cathal will discuss all options and liaise closely with your physiotherapy team before and after any knee surgical procedures are undertaken. Specialist knee services include:

ACL / Cruciate Tear & Reconstruction

Cartilage Injury, Repair and Regeneration

Meniscus Tear, Debridement and Repair

Patellar Instability & MPFL Reconstruction

Knee Arthritis and Non Surgical Care

Limb Re-alignment Surgery

Knee Replacement (Partial and Total)

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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Exercise, rehabilitation and physiotherapy are key aspects of resolving pain and injury. Following knee surgery, rehabilitation forms an important part of your recovery. Cathal works closely with many of Ireland’s leading physiotherapists to deliver the highest quality of care we can to our patients. We ensure all patients receive an expert diagnosis and rehabilitation program before any surgical procedures are considered.

Please see our Physiotherapy page for all guidelines for exercises after surgery.


Many patients and athletes can be returned to a high level of performance, work and play without knee surgery.  Occasionally advanced reconstruction is required, but minimally invasive keyhole surgery options are used where possible, with an emphasis on the most up to date techniques in modern orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Please see our Animations link below to view the techniques we use for your knee surgery where this is required.

Biologics & Cell Treatments

In orthopedic sports medicine, the promise of regenerative medicine—or, the more accurate term, restorative medicine–is to accelerate healing and to decrease scar formation, adhesions, pain, and inflammation at the site of injury or surgical repair. (We can’t yet regenerate damaged tissues and joints or make them normal again. Rather, we’re creating a more favourable healing environment.) While not yet substantiated, this evolving area of medicine may improve long-term outcomes as well. Where suitable, we will discuss the role of such cell and biological injections for your knee pain/injury with you.

Please see our page on Regenerative Medicine for more details on this specialist practice we provide.

Knee Exercises (Non-Operative)

Knee Exercise Guide: Helping you improve strength and mobility in your knee.

For guidelines after surgery, please go to our Physiotherapy page.

Knee Surgery Guide

A Guide to Your Knee Surgery:
Helping you understand the treatment process.

We request all patients and athletes to read this booklet in advance of surgery.

The cover of the knee surgery guide for clients of Professor Cathal Moran

Total Knee Replacement Guide

The cover of A Patient's Guide to Knee Recovery for patients of Professor Cathal Moran

Cartilage Surgery Guide

Knee Cartilage Surgery Guide from Professor Cathal Moran, knee surgeon in Ireland
A photo of Professor Cathal Moran, specialist shoulder surgeon in Ireland
A stock photo showing a runnner. Cathal Moran can treat knee pain experienced by athletes.